Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lexci's Gorilla Glass Adventure! pt2

The day after the art show and Operafication performance was a day of sight-seeing around the Zocalo square in the heart of Oaxaca city.
Our friends from Germany accompanied us to breakfast for some huevos and cafe!

Our trip fell on the Dia de los Muertos festivities and the kids were out all day wandering the market and square decked out in ghoulish costumes. Give one some pesos, you give the seven other friends the rest of your pesos as Wayde learned the hard way.

We did lots of sightseeing and enjoyed taking in the culture of the neighborhood and the people.

The Gorilla Glass opening party was upon us.. a night we won't soon forget. 

The Gorilla Glass factory had been in the processes of moving and expanding locations. With the opening of their new facility, it was easy to see the cause for celebration.

The afternoon started with our quick private tour through the new building. The living spaces, the factory, the equipment and the people! 

We entered the main space and found a bright and elaborate altar to commemorate and celebrate loved ones. Flowers and trinkets and treats were placed with care.
Jason explained to us that people place pictures of their loved ones who have passed and that once a year, the spirit of loved ones come through the archway and visit their families.
Their favorite food, drink and items are left out for them to enjoy. Some had chocolates and fruit, others had spices and cigarettes.

The food spread was awesome! All kinds of colourful, traditional Mexican food.
We all waited eagerly for the roast lamb. A pit was dug into earth behind the building and a lamb was slow roasted all day. Shortly after we arrived, the basket was carried out and the lamb presented. 


A spicy soup made from the drippings of the lamb and mixed veggies was served up. I took a big bowl of it and gave it a try. My love for hot and spicy soups put this recipe high on my list of most delicious soup! It was rich in flavor and texture.

After stuffing ourselves on second helpings of food, we grabbed a couple Modellos and walked next door where a glass blowing school was having a demonstration.
We watched a large glass figurine being made with the efforts of a 4 person team. 

From across the yard we heard the band. We made our way back to Gorilla Glass headquarters. 
The raised portion of the lanscaped yard provided the ultimate concert stage and the dancefloor below was big enough for everyone. Even Wayde and I (and there was no amount of protesting from us that could've convinced our fellow party people that we weren't the dancing type.)


The band was spectacular! They played late into the night with many encores encouraged from the guests who probably would've danced long into the night.

A round of fireworks signaled the end of the set, but definitely not the end of the party,  and we discovered a crew of dudes had been building us a bonfire! 


We partied late into the night with new friends and old friends until a van picked us up to take us safely back to our apartments.

Our first visit to Gorilla Glass was a fantastic experience and we left with full bellies and happily exhausted from laughing and dancing the night away.

[To be continued...] 

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